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Roberts Landscaping and Drainage Solutions is a world- class company that specializes in retaining wall services for residential or commercial properties located in Bloomington, Indiana and the surrounding area! Our team of professionals are punctual, timely and will always provide impressive site preparation and clean up services on every retaining wall service!

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A consequence of Southern Indiana’s hilly landscape is that many properties have significant changes in elevation. Rather than attempting to cope with a steep slope on your property, consider installing a retaining wall. Soil that is held behind the wall can be graded to a gentler and more usable slope or even made flat. Water absorbed by the soil is then released by the drainage systems behind the retaining wall, preventing excessive water pressure on the wall and possible erosion.

We only use large precast concrete blocks in our work. These large precast concrete blocks come in a variety of colors and textures for you. Blocks are then filled with gravel to lock them in place, improve drainage, and prevent movement. Learn more about repairs, upgrades, replacements and design services that we offer for retaining walls as well

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