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With Roberts Landscaping and Drainage Solutions, there is no comparison because our landscaping, hardscaping, and softscaping are unbeatable! For three decades, the neighbors in Bloomington, Indiana have completely enhanced their properties professionally and affordable to fit any budget!

Design | Installation | Upgrades

Design | Installation | Upgrades

Design | Installation | Upgrades

Widely Regarded As Monroe County, Indiana’s ONE-STOP-SHOP For All Landscaping Services!

Site Assessment

Site assessments are an extremely critical step for any landscaping, hardscaping, or softscaping project. By having a site assessment, this will give us the accurate mapping and layout of the service that you desire to have completed.

Mapping & Design

When mapping and designing the property that you have imagined, it is essential to give all the details on how you would like the landscape to look. For any residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property, our goal is to create a feature that is unique, beautiful and appealing.

Installation & Construction

The installation and construction are where the action begins for the landscaping services that will be installed, upgraded or even replaced. With our landscaping services, there will be a thing that holds us back to ensure customer satisfaction.

Property Surveying

Our professional staff will come to your location and provide a property surveying service this way there will be accurate measurements, mapping and laying out the hardscaping project. Let us know what you would like so we can design and build it for you in the color and style of your choice.

Equipment & Material Procurement

The equipment and materials that are used are of the highest quality that can be found in Bloomington, Indiana! Our company uses the best hardscaping materials such as brick, concrete, pavers, tile, stone, boulders, and wood. No matter how large, medium or small the hardscaping service, we can get it done timely, affordable and professionally!

Building & Implementation

With Roberts Landscape and Drainage Solutions, the hardscape building and implementation services are interesting elements. Our team can install stairs with cast blocks, curved walkways, natural stone walkways, patio with fire pit, platers, stepped-exterior walkways, patio, walkway, and paved breezeway.

Soil Evalutation

Soil evaluation is a critical step in the softscaping process, and this service will tell you what plants are best suited to be planted on your property based on the soil. Our soil evaluation services are accurate, cost-effective and precise to give you ideas for what you would like to have placed on your property.

Flora Selection

With the flora options that Roberts Landscaping and Drainage Solutions, we have rare flora, foliage, bushes, and shrubbery. Our flora selection is like no other, give us a call to gather more information about the softscaping services today!

Seeding, Planting, & More!

When it comes to softscaping projects, the planting and seeding services are the heart of landscaping services. This is where all the groundwork starts for installing or plating the softscape elements like trees, flora, foliage, bushes, and shrubbery. Find out about the softscape services that are offered to you by calling us today!


Request more information about the landscape, softscape, and hardscaping services that Roberts Landscaping and Drainage Solutions has to offer for your residential or commercial property. The more descriptive that you are for the project you desire is what will help us know what you are interested in having installed, replaced or even upgraded. Estimates are free, we are fully insured, and you will be pleased with our prices. We guarantee that our work will meet your expectations and look forward to working with you!